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Ex - Enclosures

OneCo Solutions AS offers a full range of Ex-approved solutions for the Oil and Gas industry. We are able to quote enclosures as part of an installation, part of machinery or the whole machine/unit intended for offshore installation. OneCo Solutions are costumed with providing solutions for operators such as Statoil and Conoco Phillips as well as local and international equipment/machine builders. OneCo Solutions offers development of custom solutions for your every need.

  • Enclosures fully adapted to customers requirements.
  • Enclosures sertified by third party
  • Control units
  • Power supply units
  • Distribution boards
  • Serial production of Ex enclosures and solutions
  • Custom designed enclosures
  • Enclosures for retrofit (to match old footprint/mounting holes)
  • OneCo Solution have a certified workshop for production and assembly of Ex enclosures.
  • Due to a stock and local suppliers of Ex enclosures we are able to offer “fast track” solutions.
  • OneCo Solutions can also offer Non-Ex enclosures for installations in safe zone

Protection types for installation in Zone 0,1 and 2:

  • Ex d
  • Ex e
  • Ex m
  • Ex i(a/b)
  • Ex p

For more information, please contact:

Geir Hegelstad
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+47 951 32 372
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