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Renewable Energy

OneCo offers cost-effective, flexible and user-friendly solutions for all applications from the control of generators in small power plants to the operation of large district heating plants, combustion plants and heat stations.

OneCo can also supply analyses, planning and design services.

Following the completed installation of a plant, we can assist our customers in achieving optimal operational safety by means of our contingency systems, coordinated from our various centres in Norway.

OneCo can supply electrotechnical infrastructure in connection with onshore and offshore wind farms.


Andøyfaret 15
4623 Kristiansand S

Phone: +47 91 00 91 00

Geir Sivertsen
Salgsansvarlig Region Sør Vest
+47 908 99 402
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Geir Vika
Avdelingsleder Avdelingsleder Elkraft / Smart Nett Sør
+47 957 97 322
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