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OneCo supplies complete electrical installation systems to the plant and construction sector. This includes servicing and maintenance services to both corporate and household customers.

We have experience from carrying out electrical installations linked to major and complex construction projects. We work closely with our customers to deliver innovative solutions tailor-made to their specific requirements. We can plan, design and implement complete installation projects, as required.

OneCo is able to offer total panel and control system packages, as well as building automation systems.

OneCo can also deliver turnkey construction projects, incorporating all relevant technical installations


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4623 Kristiansand

Postboks 5504 Voiebyen
4677 Kristiansand

Phone: +47 982 40 800

Geir Hegelstad
Avdelingsleder - Tavle
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Eirik Skaara
Avdelingsleder - Bygg
+47 982 40 807
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